Short Stories, Novelettes, and other strange things

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And the Daisies Were to Blame


A love story told on a train going to the seaside.


A Cosmonaut’s Guide to Talking to Your Parents

Escape Pod

If you wanna start a podcast helpline to evade your problems, being in space helps.

Hallowed Halls

The Martian Magazine

A 100-word drabble about hauntings on alien planets.

It Passed by Morning

UNTHINKABLE: A Queer Gothic Anthology (2022)

Half haunted house story, half snowed-in romance, two suspicious strangers share an abandoned cabin during an eerily long snow storm.

Seams of Iron

The Future Fire (reprint)
Common Bonds: An Aromantic Speculative Anthology

A reimagining of H. C. Andersen’s The Wild Swans, delving into strange knitting practices, life under mildly inconvenient curses, and people finding their home in each other.

Easy Garden Flowers Broth

Deathcap and Hemlock

A bittersweet broth made with the flowers blooming outside. Careful not to stare into it too long!

Originally published in Romanian in Galaxia 42.

String Potpourri

Fusion Fragment #11, May 2022

A boy, a violin, a melody, a life. A meandering, slipstream story partly inspired by The Twa Sisters (Child Ballad 10).
Originally published in Romanian in Helion SF.

Tea Parties around Nebula-55

Clarkesworld #188

A little story about food and comfort, cooking on abandoned spaceships, and making the best out of a doomed situation.

Done in the Mire

F&SF Mar/Apr 2022

Two miserable old women hating each other’s guts while trying to escape a haunted bog.

Worth the Whistling

Beneath Ceaseless Skies #331

A story about bone carving, pious bigotry, dead forests, and the fear that comes with seeking something better.

Of Buckwheat and Garlic Braids

A Quiet Afternoon Anthology

A low-stakes story about a man leaving home only to end up solving a village mystery alongside some random kids. Romanian folklore, garlic dishes, grumpy old ladies, and a smidge of humour.