Story time! “String Potpourri” out now in Fusion Fragment #11

Very happy to announce that my story, “String Potpourri”, can now be read in Fusion Fragment! Follow the link below to get a copy (pay what you want or free) and get the extra material of me recommending a couple novellas and gushing over obscure musicals in the Q&A.

Originally written in Romanian around 2018 (and published in 2020, link below), this was one of my first tries at short fiction in ages, and I found it so terribly fun that I haven’t really stopped since. It’s a quiet, melancholy piece about a boy, a house, a neighbour, and a violin, and how all of them change over the years.

It’s also partly inspired by The Twa Sisters ballad, which I’ve loved ever since it was first introduced to me during an English Ballads course in college. So of course the version of it that I will link here is gonna be in Swedish. Give it a listen, if you like, it’s rather catchy!

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