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Story time! “It Passed by Morning” out now in Unthinkable!

The wait is over! As of now, Unthinkable: A Queer Gothic Anthology is out in the world!

In it, you’ll find my spooky snowed-in romance, featuring: a non-binary witch with wooden bones, a mysterious woodsman with a secret, and an unsettling forest caught in an endless snow storm.

Also, don’t miss the online launch TODAY AT 7 PM BST at The Portobello Bookshop. I’ll be there to talk about gothic settings, queer unease, and all sorts of things! Links below!

I’ll leave the blurbs here too:

Unthinkable: A Queer Gothic Anthology collects nineteen original Gothic tales primed to unsettle and entertain.

From a Southern Gothic tale of destruction and revenge, to haunted houses and cursed lovers, to an eco-Gothic saga, Unthinkable’s tales present undying themes of love and tragedy, life and death, all suffused with queerness.

Following on from the success of its predecessor Unspeakable: A Queer Gothic Anthology, Unthinkable features stories from a fresh batch of authors, showcasing the depth and breadth of queer Gothic literature.

Edited by Celine Frohn and featuring an introduction by A Dowry of Blood author S.T. GibsonUnthinkable promises to haunt the reader long after the final page has been turned.

‘It Passed by Morning’ by Adriana C. Grigore: Half haunted house story, half snowed-in romance, two suspicious strangers share an abandoned cabin during an eerily long snow storm.

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